Ráday Corso

28-29 September

Ráday Corso is a 1.5-day festival involving galleries, restaurants, NGOs, businesses or even individual local residents along around Ráday street, the heart of the 9th district. The goal of the festival is to build stronger ties within the community and highlight the many exciting and valuable things in the neighborhood. Ráday Corso is a 100% independent community initiative, implemented from the donations of individual donors and enterprises from the district.

This year there are over 40 participants including for instance a Tibetan eatery, PH21 photo gallery, a tattoo shop, a department of Corvinus University and countless other local organisations and enterprises offering over 60 programmes. Many of the programmes will be in Hungarian but below is a selection that you could enjoy even if you do not speak Hungarian.

SEPTEMBER 28, Friday

9:00 – 24:00

What do Tibetans eat?

Venue: Norbulinkga Tibeti Étkezde, 1094 Budapest, Tompa utca 2.

Traditional Tibetan meals are on the menu: momo (with meat and wthout), timo (Tibetan bread), momo soup, tukpa (Tibetan meat soup), various plates from yak meat etc.. It’s worth checking back the following day too, as the owner of the shop, Namgyal will get out his guitar (dramyin in Tibetan) which he brought with him from home and will sing a song. Only here – check tomorrow’s programme!


MOME anim trash – a selection of animation films of students of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design

Venue: 2B Gallery, 1092 Budapest, Ráday utca 47.

These animation works are often gritty and libertine but definitely worthy of attention because they are original.


Official opening of Ráday Corso and HolyChicks acoustic live concert.

Venue: Manga Cowboy, 1092 Budapest, Ráday u. 31.

An all-girls band that has been around since 2015. Check out their music here. Some say they are best described by Joan Jett’s bon mot: “Girls have guts too, only a little higher up. That’s all!”


Maggie and the Musicians

Venue: IF Café, 1092 Budapest, Ráday utca 19.

Jazz concert




Community run in Central Ferencváros

Meeting at Bálna Budapest, at the entrance close to Nehru part

Coffee tasting (until 17:00)

Venue: Tényleg Espresso Bar, 1093 Budapest, Lónyay utca 39. 

9:00 – 24:00

What do Tibetans eat?

Venue: Norbulinkga Tibetan Eatery, 1094 Budapest, Tompa utca 2.

Traditional Tibetan meals are on the menu: momo (with meat and wthout), timo (Tibetan bread), momo soup, tukpa (Tibetan meat soup), various plates from yak meat etc.. At 17:00 on Saturday Namgyal, the owner of the place, will sing a Tibetan song and he will also play his dramyin, a Tibetan guitar.

10:00 – 12:00

School Sisters of Notre Dame

Venue: 1092 Budapest, Ráday utca 36.

The founder of the School Sisters of Notre Dame, Karolina Gerhardinger, said that “All good things start small”, which may be a good message for this festival like Ráday korzó, which is seeking to strengthen the community. The School Sisters run a kindergarten, a school and a dorm nearby and they are opening their doors to the public more and more. On this occasion the order’s beautiful garden will be open for two hours, allowing you to immerse in peace and the quiet in the heart of the city.

10:00 – 13:00

Flea market

Venue: Medence Csoport, 1093 Budapest, Pipa utca 4.

Local residents bring their goods (old clothes, collections, toys etc.) to sell in the spirit of recycling.

10:30 – 12:30, 14:30 – 16:30

African basket weaving workshops

Venue: Mighelp, 1092 Budapest, Ráday utca 9., I/2. (Buzzer: 12)

Come and try making some beautifully colorful baskets with the help of an experienced artisan. This will also give you the chance to get know about the work of MigHelp, a local NGO helping migrants and refugees with providing training and courses for them (volunteering opportunity!:) No strict registration but worth sending an e-mail to info@mighelp.hu to ensure your place for the workshops.

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/335933236977063/

11:00 – 13:00

Folk music: Turkish music performed by Faruk Gürbüz and János Gerzson

Venue: Két egér bookshop, 1092 Budapest, Ráday utca 20.

11:00 – 23:00

20% discount on all meals at the Ukrainian Restaurant

Venue: Ukrán Udvar Étterem, 1092 Budapest, Ráday utca 17.


Tea tasting

Venue: Nepalese shop, 1092 Budapest,  Ráday u. 16.

12:00 – 21:00

Cannolo Siciliano ice cream

Venue: MAMO Mamo Gelato, 1092 Budapest, Ráday utca 24.

Little Sicily on Ráday street. MAMO Gelato turns the famous Sicilian delicacy, Cannolo Siciliano, into ice cream. Only this weekend!

12:00 – 22:00

Try kuppa, the traditional Iraqi meal and traditional Arabic tea!

Venue: Bagdad Gyros, 1092 Budapest, Ráday utca 24/b.

13:00 – 18:00

How to bake a bread?

Venue: Butter Brothers, 1093 Budapest, Lónyay utca 22.

Butter Brothers make some of the best pastries and breads in town. Now they teach you how to make bread. (In Hungarian, bring your Hungarian speaking friend to take part!)

13:00 – Making sourdough together

14:00 – Kneading bread

16:00 – Molding and baking the bread

17:00 – Bread tasting

14:00 – 16:00

Free test language classes of Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish

Venue: Scandinavian House, 1094 Budapest, Viola utca 7.

Registration is needed! Pls send an e-mail to regisztracio@skandinavhaz.hu to register.

15:00 – 18:00

Wanna try tattoing?

Venue: Loco-Motive tattoo salon, 1093 Budapest, Mátyát utca 20. 

You can try what it’s like to make a tattoo on synthetic imitation leather.

15:00 MU

Hang Drum concert on the terrace (or inside the restaurant in case of bad weather)

Venue: Púder Bárszínház, 1092 Budapest, Ráday utca 8.

In addition to the concert, you will have the opportunity to try some of the instruments as well.


Tibetan song accompanied by a traditional Tibetan guitar, dramyin

Venue: Norbulinkga Tibetan Eatery, 1094 Budapest, Tompa utca 2.

The owner of the Tibetan restaurant, Namgyal, will perform a song from his homeland and will accompany it on his Tibetan guitar.


Latin American live music

Venue: Inka Grill Peruvian restaurant, 1092 Budapest, Ráday utca 29.

If the weather is good, then you can enjoy Latin American rhythms and melodies on the terrace. Or inside, if it turns cold.



Contempo concert

Venue: IF Kávézó, 1092 Budapest, Ráday utca 19.

A formation involving flute, dulcimer, guitar

18:00 – 20:00

Taste the World!

Venue: Mighelp, 1092 Budapest, Ráday utca 9., I/2. (Buzzer: 12)

Do you know what Tanzanian food tastes like? Or

A tasting of African and Middle Eastern etc.. meals. Simple finger food, snacks, cakes from all over the world. Our Sweet Fleet will also participate with cookies and cakes.

Both days: Talking objects (various locations)

15 objects – 15 stories in the framework of a mosaic exhibition.

The photos depict objects of “our neighbors” from abroad who live, work, study or are in some other way connected the district. They kindly let us take pictures of these objects and told us their stories. These “mini stories” are personal but they also speak about cultural diversity, as well as universal emotional bonds and experiences that we all may share, no matter where we come from.